Caitlyn Jenner and the world we live in today

I tried to hold myself back for a while about this whole Caitlyn Jenner saga and the legalizing of same sex marriages in America. But honestly I realize that “if you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything”.

Let me start with the anger that sprung up in me reading that Caitlyn Jenner had been listed number 7 of the top most influential women in the world by BBC. If I may ask what exactly has been her (his) influence? Encouraging a sex change at the age of 66? How is this something that has been deemed fit as influential? Perhaps I have made a wrong assumption that they were looking at positive influence! According to BBC, these top influential women are people who have had an exceptionally huge impact in our lives. And so how has Caitlyn Jenner had a huge impact in our lives? How do we explain to younger ones that her (his) behavior should not be celebrated?

Moving on to the “big world-changing” event that happened last week. The U.S legalized same sex marriages in all 50 states of America. Again I ask, how do we explain to younger ones that humans were created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve and that same sex marriages are an anomaly that should in no way be celebrated or encouraged? The decision to make this legal has made it ten times more difficult to explain to our children that in no way is a man and man or woman and woman kissing acceptable from a religious point of view or as a social norm.

The turn of events worldwide and the degeneration of morals and values are very disturbing and it only calls for more people to take action in terms of instilling and reinforcing the necessary values the youths needs to make right and informed choices. Listening to a podcast this weekend by a popular preacher, he said something I thought was absolutely brilliant and instructive “have you ever seen a cock mate a cock or a male horse mate a male horse”. If animals know this is not normal, surely humans should know better!

Let’s call a spade a spade and speak up…otherwise it may cost us dearly in the future with the coming generations.

Written by Dieko


One thought on “Caitlyn Jenner and the world we live in today

  1. True talk!
    Nice write up Dieko.

    The world is going cr*zy….oh gaga going craz* (‘can’t just understand it).


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