Helping your child be rich and happy

We live in a time when everything is changing at such a fast pace – fashion, the way we communicate, the information we divulge, technology, the concept of family and so much more. Change is so rampant that our children have actually gotten quite accustomed to it. In fact, they expect change and are curious about what the next “in thing” is and ready to embrace change. Even their choice of “what I want to be in future” is getting more interesting. Gone are the days when you either wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer or for the more adventurous ones a pilot. Now your hear of youngsters who say they either want to be professional footballers, musicians, chefs, make up artists, fashion designer… They are ready to follow what makes them happy and what they also believe would make them rich.

I’m all for following your passion, being rich and happy, I am also all for change. I however believe that as parents it’s important we equip our children so that they do not become casualties of the different change tsunamis taking place.

One of the most effective methods I have discovered to ensure our children are well equipped for these winds of change is to instill core values in them. Core values are the guiding principles that will determine how our children would act or the choices they would make in any given situations. The values we teach our children will determine their character. We should begin to instill these values in our children from the time they are old enough to know right from wrong. These values will guide them from childhood through adulthood. It is also very important that we practice those values. Remember children learn more by observation.

As our children grow older we start to realize that there is only so much we can do for them. All we can do really is trust that we’ve done a good enough job in instilling in them those values that would guide them to making wise, right and informed choices that will benefit not just themselves but their society.

In subsequent editions, we would be looking at what I call Time Tested Values (TTV). These are some core values I consider fundamental and a good starting point or reminder for us as parents to reinforce in our children so that we can place them on that path to being rich, happy and truly successful.

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Charity Babatunde is the founder of RAVE et al a social enterprise that helps reinforce in youths those values, attitudes and essential life skills that are imperative for all round success.


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