Conversation with a 5 year old…

I’m yet to figure out what has happened to the human race. One thing is clear the human specie is getting more intelligent with each coming generation.

As a parent I’m sure you’re stunned (probably a little annoyed) when your child who is in primary school comes home with assignments on topics that you were not taught until your first year in University! Or you’ve been struggling to figure out how to use your new technology and your 7 year old figures it out in a flash!

I have an adorable nephew who is 5 years old and we’ve had conversations that have left me speechless so I can relate when friends call me up sometimes in utter shock wondering how to answer some of the questions their children ask. Like one mum said to me what scares her sometimes is not even what her child says, it’s what’s not said. How much do these children really know? Do they fully understand what it is they are asking? What goes on in their little heads? How far should you go in answering their questions? How much information is too much information?

While I may not have the answer to all of these questions, one thing I do know is that children have very inquisitive minds and if you don’t satisfy their inquisitiveness someone else just might and it may not be the kind of information you like. Children are different and it’s important to study your children and know how best to communicate with each of them.

That said let me move on to the gist – this is a conversation between a mother and her5-year-old sonSay What?

Child: Hmmm, how come you were the first to get married?

Mum: Puzzled …what do you mean

Child: “Anyway, I no longer like Mobola* (a girl in his class who he had previously mentioned that he would marry when he turned 10). I would tell Opemipo* (a boy in the same class who the mum suspects he must have had this conversation with) that he can have her. I am no longer going to fight with him over her. He can have her.

Mum: Speechless …Too dazed to say anything.

First things first – I believe it’s commendable and a blessing when your child is free enough to tell you or ask you anything. Secondly as a parent you MUST learn the art of masking your shock. That’s the only way you can keep them talking and trust me it does a world of good to know what your child knows so you can guide him or her appropriately. You know the popular saying that knowledge is power… it’s true!One wrong “what do you mean?” or “I bind you – God forbid” or laughing at the wrong time and chances are that your child would close up, may decide not to ask you again and go fishing for answers from someone else. My question is which would you rather?



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