KINDNESS… A Culture Worth Preserving

I find it quite interesting how from the month of November, the “Christmas buzz” fills the air…. physical and cyberspace bustling with Christmas sales, décor, gift ideas… Parents, family, friends and organizations shopping around for gifts … It has become a culture that cuts across different ages, races and beliefs.

What if we cultivated a culture of kindness – all year round? How about letting kindness be a part of our everyday life and showing our children what it really means and how to be kind? Imagine the difference it would make.

One of the beauties of kindness is that it is globally understood across all ages. I like the way Mark Twain put it “Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see”.

KINDNESS IMAGE V2To inculcate the kindness culture in our children, it’s important to start by letting them know that Kindness is:

  1. Showing concern about the feelings and well being of others.
  2. Thinking about other people’s feeling before we act or say things.
  3. Refusing to make fun of or say mean things about people.
  4. Helping people.
  5. Refusing to look down or exclude people simply because they are “different” or “not cool”.
  6. Taking care of our environment.
  7. Apologizing when we hurt people’s feelings.
  8. Learning to give and receive. Being able to receive kindness is just as important as learning to give it.
  9. NOT a weakness or being a pushover or allowing oneself to be taken advantage of.
  10. One of the most valuable gifts we can ever give to others and ourselves.

Over the next few posts, we would delve deeper into the issue of kindness as we rediscover its value and discuss ways we can inspire kindness in our children.

You’re invited to follow our blog so you don’t miss out on this and other interesting topics. I’d also be delighted to get your comments and tips on how we can inspire this culture of kindness.


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