Signposts On The Road To Womanhood

Times have changed – stating the obvious right? Once in a while I take a look at different facets of life and compare to when I was growing up. I realize that the rules, definitions, roles, responsibilities, expectations have changed.

As a young girl our play included pretending to be mummy. We would cook for our pretend family (the leaf of the hibiscus flower was the main ingredient for soup and sand was used to prepare the main meal). I guess that, reading Mills & Boons coupled with counsel from our well-meaning parents to ensure that we comported ourselves in such a way that we turned out to be good wife material (the kind of girl a prospective mother-in-law would be happy to have) all helped to shape our dreams and expectations for the next phase of our lives.

Well fast-forward to present day. Our girls are intelligent, beautiful, ambitious, driven, strong and confident. They want to make plenty money, have loads of fun and yes would want to be a good “wifey” someday but only after they have achieved “independence”. Is that a bad thing? Definitely not! I guess society, role models and gender equality have contributed to shape their notion that girl power and independence is key to happiness.

Signposts are a great help when embarking on a journey never before travelled. So on your behalf (you can thank me later) I have gone on a scavenger hunt to unearth some signs that we can post for our daughters to see and ponder as they navigate this very adventurous journey to womanhood.

  1. Put God first. He loves you dearly and would always show you which road to take if you ask Him.
  2. Use your lips for truth, your voice for kindness, your ears for compassion, your hands for charity and your heart for love. For those who don’t like you, use prayer.
  3. Be honest, genuine and trustworthy. Broken trust is very hard to regain.
  4. You’ve got what it takes deep inside of you to create the future you want.
  5. Choose your inner circle carefully. we are all products of influence. Surround yourself with people who make you want to be better.
  6. Establish moral boundaries that are important to you and never compromise them for anyone or anything. Not for your friends, your job or boss, your husband, not for money, or pleasure.
  7. It’s better to let someone walk away from you than to allow him or her walk all over you.
  8. You don’t have to follow everyone else. It’s okay to be different.
  9. It’s okay to have differing opinions from others however learn to truly listen and consider their point.
  10. Learn how to
  • Cook
  • Drive
  • Run a business
  • Practice gratitude
  • Practice kindness
  • Take responsibility for your actions
  • Apologize when you’re wrong
  • Forgive
  1. When it comes to guys…
  • Let him do the chasing. Old fashioned? True – but definitely more respectable.
  • Don’t play games or be the kind of girl who messes with a guy’s head.
  • True love isn’t the way it’s portrayed in the movies.
  • The kind of man he is while he is dating you, is the kind of man he will be when he marries you. If he doesn’t call back or make an effort while you are dating, don’t expect a brand new man once you are married.
  • He might seem like the perfect prince charming, but trust me – he isn’t perfect and neither are you. Both of you have your imperfections. You will hurt each other, make mistakes and say silly things. Learn to work out your differences.
  1. Don’t gossip.
  2. Dress the way you want to be addressed.
  3. Read “Nice Girls don’t get the corner office” by Dr. Lois P Frankel – You’ll learn a thing or two.
  4. Love yourself, Live your truth, Laugh and make sure you enjoy the journey.

I’m sure you have lots of signposts we could all benefit from. Please share them on


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