Vigilant Parenting – Sex Education??

Recently I stumbled on information that set me thinking about how much parents really know about what our children are learning from various sources – school, TV, internet, friends, family members, domestic help, teachers, religious leaders / organisations…

There is a lot of distorted information out there and parents need to be attentive, ask questions and be inquisitive about what our children are being taught. The primary purpose for this inquisitiveness is not to be a “nosey-parker” and get in everybody’s business and on everyone’s nerves but it is so that we who have primary responsibility for our kids can present to them, more accurate information that aligns with our values and standards.

Please watch this video for a sample of some of the things children are being taught.


Over the next couple of posts, I will touch on various other areas we need to be vigilant as parents and trust me it is not just about sex! From the quality of education to religious beliefs to health / dietary issues and other seemingly innocuous stuff.

The starting point in equipping ourselves as parents to correct misinformation being sold to our children is to learn to actually listen to them and pay attention to the questions they ask. Rather than dismiss them or assume the child doesn’t know what he / she is talking about, let’s listen, avoid jumping to conclusions, downplay the drama, learn the art of absorbing shock, ask the right questions and seek to understand them. That way we hear what they are really saying / asking and are better equipped to guide them.



3 thoughts on “Vigilant Parenting – Sex Education??

  1. Aunty Cha!

    This CSE video is a real eye opener. I couldn’t stop gasping and opening my mouth while watching it.

    Thank God we still have many sane people who are standing up against it. I kept imagining my 9 year old daughter being fed with such ludicrous and very harmful information (God forbid).

    We really need to be vigilant about the wiles of the devil with our children. (Lord have mercy)!!!

    Thank you so much for the information.

    God Bless you.


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  2. I think it is wrong for children to be thought such practice without the parents consent, asides, while the parents could have been training their children on abstinence till marriage calls, such training will give contrary learning and further lead the children to wrong an ill informed conclusions on sexual issues. Thank you for enlightening parents on such teachings

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