Have you ever been left dumbfounded by something a child said? Seriously some of the things that come out of their mouths leave you shocked, confused and wondering “where did that come from?” Our “KidSpeak” of the day features some of the darnedest things we’ve heard kids say.

KidSpeak of the Day


Parenting Dilemma

Watch out for our weekly Parenting Dilemma, where we throw open for discussion dilemmas parents face. It’s often a welcome relief when you discover that you’re not the only one going through a particular kind of situation. There is a popular saying that “a problem shared is a problem halved”.


I can’t wait to read all the interesting answers. Feel free to join this conversation by posting your answers or comments on www.parentinvestment.com and invite your friends too after all, the more the merrier!

A good laugh would be a great stress reliever and we could certainly learn a thing or two from shared experiences. So keep your KidSpeak and Parenting Dilemmas  have no fears, your privacy would be fully protected.



3 thoughts on “Tidbits…

  1. I think this depends on the age of the child in the manner in which it is addressed, in the UK by law due to my job , I have to address it otherwise it is regarded as “willful neglect” in so far as I am aware of it I can’t mind my own business especially if under 18.
    The parents should be informed and should talk to the child calmly just as the former commentator stated .
    Shouting ,”beating “and abusing the child will not work or stop this challenge as there is a reason why she feels she has to portray herself like this – something is going on inside in regards to her self worth and this should be handled carefully .

    I have seen this behaviour in unhappy homes ,single parent homes with no father around ,homes without father figures or fathers that don’t relate to or engage with their daughter s hence making the child feel undervalued .
    So possibly e would be my answer The parent and I could have the initial talk with the child , the parents/ parent continue to bond further with the child and if necessary seek counseling
    ( I am making the assumption that the child is a girl )


  2. My first option – If I have a close relationship with the friend’s daughter, I will call her to take down the pictures. However, if I am not, depending on the friend I might call her and tell her about the pictures but tell her to calm down in addressing it. I could also mind my business….
    Hmmm….. tough one


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