56 Years …

Happy Independence my fellow Nigerians! As we celebrate the 56th year of our independence, I’m reminded of the second stanza of our National anthem:


As a parent, I definitely would love my children to attain lofty heights and would want to know that I contributed my bit (no matter how insignificant it may seem) to build a nation where peace and justice reign. So what can I do to help? A good starting point is teaching them to pray for our Leaders (Guide our leaders right) and inculcating in them the importance and value of patriotism – love, respect, a feeling of pride for and a commitment to making one’s country better.

There’s no doubt that as a nation we have our shortcomings – plenty. We are far from perfect but truth be told, which nation is? Unfortunately, for too long the world and sadly some of our citizens, have emphasized only one side of the story – the “shame” side. It’s very difficult to have love, respect and feel any sense of pride in anything or anyone that one is ashamed of.

think-naija-croppedThe good news though, is that there is another side of the story. Our story of GREATNESS. I want to encourage us to help our youth this truth to know – we are a great people from a great nation. In case you’re having trouble coming up with the script for our “greatness” story, let me help you with a few words that have been used to describe the citizens of our nation – Resilient, Intelligent, Happy, Optimistic, Entrepreneurial, Energetic, Bold, Gifted… Nigeria is endowed with a rich culture, abundant natural resources, amazing talent, great food, and a strong kindred spirit. You see, writing the story isn’t really that difficult. It only takes our deliberately choosing to see our cup as half full rather than half empty.

Parents, youths, we all have a role to play in building a better nation.

Let’s remember that patriotism is not just in the words we speak or the story we tell.

Let’s remember that true patriotism is shown in the way we live our lives.

Let’s make choices that ensure that we build a nation worth inheriting for our children.

Let’s teach our youths to make choices that lead to a greater legacy for their own children.

Let’s “Arise o compatriots”!

Let’s be proudly Nigerian! 

God bless you !

Image Credit: Obisage


3 thoughts on “56 Years …

  1. I got very emotional about my dear country yesterday and found myself jumping and muttering: ” I love Nigeria”
    I really do, may God continue to bless our dear nation.
    Thanks for this piece!


    1. Ditto, Fola ,
      There is nowhere like home .
      With all its challenges ,it’s still mine .
      I found the following words in the uplifting piece very poignant-

      “Unfortunately, for too long the world and sadly some of our citizens, have emphasized only one side of the story – the “shame” side. It’s very difficult to have love, respect and feel any sense of pride in anything or anyone that one is ashamed of.”

      However ,as Charity stated deliberately choosing to see a cup as half full rather than half empty is important
      We need to continue to have hope and belief


      1. Ditto Funke….
        I got off a British Airways flight earlier this evening and on the leg from North America to London i was chatting with one of the Air Hostesses or Cabin Services Attendant I believe they are now referred to. When I mentioned I was on my way to Lagos she had a smile that lite up her face and uttered the words ‘I love that city’…
        I found that amazing for several of the reasons Funke has mentioned. I prodded her some to unravel what she meant. She went on to explain how she loved the Energy of the city, the people so friendly, her amazement at the constant honking of horns, she could relate with the fact that everyone always seemed to be in a hurry to do something or get somewhere… These in my mind were peculiar characters of the city and its people and to think that someone very foreign found it all so interesting (and different) was pleasing for once. There was truly nothing tongue-in-cheek in what she said nor how she said this. It would be great if we as Nigerians take the opportunity of the ‘October Independence season’ to resolve to See the positives in our peculiar character and coin our words to be more positive and just perhaps our words will birth a new vision of our nation and start a mind set change which ultimately could translate into changed attitudes and actions and in our generation (or the next) we can actually experience the Nigeria of our dreams. A positive, energy filled, purposeful, friendly, neighbor loving and accomplished Nation.
        God bless Nigeria.


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