Parenting Together

Yay!!! Today is my 26th wedding anniversary! 9494 days married!!! I remember my daughter asking me once if I was sure marriage was intended to be for this long “Are you sure you’re not supposed to graduate every 5 or 6 years like school?” She asked. Lol! Graduate to where?

Olori Ebi (it’s a Yoruba word meaning “head of the family”) and I have been blessed to be parents for 22 years and have two incredible children. Parenting together has been a very interesting journey. We’ve had (and still have) our disagreements on almost any and everything…discipline, schools to attend, pocket money, fashion, socialising….name it….we’ve been there. But we’ve also had some very precious moments and great times that we wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

Here are a few things I’ve learned

Mavis & Saul parenting together
  1. In the parenting team, there’s usually a good cop and a bad cop. (I’ll leave you to keep guessing who the good cop is). Both “cops” are necessary for balance.
  2. There are no perfect parents, so stop trying to be one. Do your best by making the right investments (physical, emotional, spiritual, financial…..) and trust God to take care of the rest.
  3. You need God & plenty of wisdom as you parent each child. Every child is different! Applying the same parenting method may not be the smartest thing to do.
  4. Stay united, stay focused and work together to groom adults you’d be proud of.
  5. As the years go by, the nest empties, so learn to love yourselves again.

I know that there are still many more things to learn – each age brings new experiences but I’m glad I have a great partner on my team.


100% responsible father
No. 1 prayer warrior
Best partner in parenting

Olori Ebi, I pray that our friendship grows stronger, love grows deeper and romance grows sweeter. I look forward to “grand-parenting” with you.


9 thoughts on “Parenting Together

  1. Charity very warm congratulations on your wedding anniversary. You paint a very well balanced and realistic picture of marriage, sharing some nuggets of truth and wisdom in your write up based on 26 years of experience! Thanks for the insights.

    It resonates and chimes with my experience also and like you when I reflect on marriage Inspite of whatever hurdles we may have encountered on the way, it is clear that as a couple you have grown from two individuals and changed to become one closer family unit in the process. Long may that continue.

    I am very pleased for you and yours and pray that the grace, peace, unity and love multiplies in your home and flows outwards to encourage many others contemplating or prevaricating on commitment and marriage.

    God Bless


  2. As an event planner I meet a lot of people but when I came in contact with you in 2008, when you visited Ghana with your family, I saw a family that I loved. HAPPY MARRIED LIFE. I said to myself God I love and respect this grace upon this vessel, please I want it. And today to the glory of God, the grace has been imparted on me too. Happily married, blessed with two great global children and enjoying grace. God bless you for being a good example.


  3. Amen , Charity
    Very moving and uplifting .
    Marriages do work 😃
    We are so consumed with stories of poor marriages that we forget to celebrate the successful ones like yours .
    It’s so important to be friends with your husband.
    Respecting,forgiving ,laughing and loving each other .
    Congratulations .


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