Father Figures

Recently I was invited by a group of men to talk on parenting. Not only was it a privilege and an honor, it was also very refreshing to see successful men by every standard, take time out to want to know how they can parent and relate with their children better.

While cultural stereotypes show mothers playing a more dominant role through the course of a child’s development, fathers need to remember that their role in the parenting equation extends well beyond being a human ATM! What a tragedy it would be if you made and gave your children all the money they wanted at the expense of raising them with the values & skills they need to be productive citizens.

Studies have shown that the presence of positive father figures (biological or not) reduces behavioral problems in boys and psychological issues in young women. A 20-year review of such studies in the United States and United Kingdom, published in 2008, revealed that children with active father figures were less likely to smoke and get into trouble with the police, and they garnered higher levels of education and more friendships. Women, in particular, had better relationships with partners as adults.

Life happens and for one reason or the other, there are families with absentee fathers. That’s where the role of father figures comes in. According to Wikipedia, “Despite the literal term “father figure”, the role of a father figure is not limited to the biological parent of a person (especially a child), but may be played by uncles, grandfathers, elder brothers, family friends, or others.”

father-figureIn view of the very important role fathers play in a child’s development, I’d like to inspire more men to please find time in the midst of all the busyness, to give of their attention, advice and insights, to grooming our youths to become resourceful, well-rounded individuals. Dear men, please reach out and be a positive father figure to someone…society needs you.

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