#WWWOPK – What Did I Do?!

#WWWOPK (What We Wish Our Parents Knew) is a platform for children to express themselves, share some of the things they wish they could tell their parents but for some reason choose not to do so directly or just let us into a glimpse of their world.  Let’s listen, we just might learn a thing or two. Enjoy!

clueless teenager girl shrugs shouldersNowadays, when most kids get to the age of 10 and above, our parents (some, not ALL), seem to think that we have gone on a rebellious streak. For example, I was talking to a friend one day then she told me a story of how her mum went off on her the night before. I was like “ok”, what did you do? She said that’s the exact same question I asked “what did I do?” Now if your children are anything like my friend, you should be used to that phrase. Yes, I know it sounds rude to say this but we really don’t mean it that way. Well, I know for a fact that in your time, you seemed to have a lot of restrictions, like your parents said “that meat or egg is only for adults” and things like that, but nowadays we are exposed to much more than you were and don’t really feel it’s rude to ask questions.

We know that sometimes parents may be going through a lot and it can take it’s toll on us children too. Children don’t want to further add to the worries of their mum or dad but sometimes when they do try to talk to dad or mum, they hear that accursed phrase, “I’m busy”. Seriously that’s the worst phrase you can ever tell someone, no less a child…YOUR child! We just want you to listen and know that you will understand and won’t judge us no matter what we tell you. Also, please don’t turn it into a family activity, things can just get weird fast. Just a little talk once in a while will suffice. And please remember, everyone needs a reminder that you love them.

This article was contributed by Ikeoluwa Ali Balogun, a student of Temple Secondary School, Lagos and a RAVE DC Student Ambassador.


5 thoughts on “#WWWOPK – What Did I Do?!

  1. Brilliant perspective Ikeoluwa. Will continue to be there for my kids. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.keep the writing ‘flame’ burning. Look forwatd to your next article


  2. Well thought out article. I have picked one important lesson here. How to let my baby know I am busy without hurting her feelings. Well done IkeOluwa, please keep it up.

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  3. This is typical of most parents. We are ever busy but I thank Ikeoluwa for this piece. She’s representing many of her peers our there. This is urging parents, especially mother’s to change and listen to our children whenever they want to speak with us.

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  4. Ikeoluwa I have always known you can write but didn’t realise you were this prolific and articulate . As a parent I have learnt something from your article. Next time you ask “mummy what did I do” I will know how best to respond. I hope I do let you know how much I love you as often as “required”. Keep it up girl.

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  5. I like that phrase , “what did I do” or what have I done. My children are used to asking that question and I keep wondering to myself, is it that they are unaware of what they have done or simply feigning innocence of their action. I can’t just figure them out. My baby, the baby of the house is the most guilty.

    I must say that as a parent, I am guilty of saying ‘I am busy’ or can’t you see I am on the phone and she will simply walk away and tells me , anyway , never mind , you never seem to have time to listen to anything I say.

    Thank you Ikeoluwa for reminding me to mend my ways as a parent.

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