Reading In A Screen Dominated World

Living in a screen dominated world, it can sometimes be a bit of a challenge to get children to read for pleasure or even do their school work.

“Children who read for pleasure have increased concentration, memory, confidence, greater self-esteem and general knowledge. Reading builds empathy, improves imagination and language development. These are important and relevant benefits, whether we live in a digital or analogue world.”

To be honest, even for us as adults, if we are not intentional about reading, it can be a struggle getting unplugged from screens whether it’s our phones, laptops or television. Yeah! yeah!!  I know some of us (me inclusive) argue that we do our reading on our devices but if I’m to be totally honest, the temptation to “just browse for a few minutes” or check what I might have missed on Instagram is much stronger. If as adults it takes so much self-discipline to stay focused on reading, imagine what it must be like for a child.

I also realize that sometimes it’s easier for parents to use the screen as a tool to keep children (especially at very young ages) distracted so that we can have some “quiet” or “me” time.  Apart from the attendant health related issues that have been associated with exposing children too early to screens and devices (we’ll talk about that in subsequent posts), it also doesn’t help in inculcating in the healthy reading habits.There are things we can do to help our children learn to read, whatever their age and this infographic provides useful tips.

How to Help Your Child Learn to Read

How to Help Your Child Learn to Read by Wooden Toy Shop



One thought on “Reading In A Screen Dominated World

  1. Thank you for the article. I am of the give-a -real-book -to -read brigade. I encouraged my children to be similar. I however am pragmatic enough to realise that turning pages may be increasingly less acceptable to the new generation. With more and more schools progressing to using electronic tablet in education abroad, it will be a matter of time before it begins to trend in Nigeria. When that happens we may have to decide to encourage reading on tablets as against not reading at all. So long as children read , using the useful guidelines you gave, that ought to be alright.

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