Encouraging Our Children’s Gifts & Talents

Watching a number of the acts in the 2017 season of Americas Got Talent (AGT) was truly heartwarming. Some of the contestants had such inspirational stories.

Kechi Okwuchi

Our very own Kechi  who  is  a plane crash survivor was simply brilliant. Her voice..the lyrics of the songs she sang…her story…briliant. Little wonder she made it to the top 10 finalists.

I also couldn’t help noticing how young most of the finalists were


Darci Lynne Farmer
Age: 12
Talent: Singing ventriloquist


1st runner up

Angelica Hale
Age: 10
Talent: Singer
Chase Goehring
Age: 21
Talent: Singer-songwriter/guitarist
Sara and Hero
Age: 22 and 5
Talent: Dog act
Evie Clair
Age: 13
Talent: Singer

Differing talents but all very gifted. What gift does your child have? Painting? Singing? Drumming? Disc Jockeying (DJ)? Dancing? Poetry? Cooking? Football? Writing? Acting?

My son who’s 20 and in his final year of University studying law, DJ’s #Oreömagic! Yes there was the initial “African parent” syndrome but that’s a story for another day. I’m very proud of what he does and how much he has achieved.

Encourage them…there is a star in every child…help bring it out for the world to celebrate.

Credits: www. agt.wikia.com



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