Strict Mothers Have Better Children (New Research)


Erica Rascon-Ramirez, a professor at the University of Essex, conducted a study which showed that children who had strict parents, were more self-confident and secure. Over 15000 schoolgirls between the age of 13 and 14 took part in the 4-year study. The study also showed that successful people had very demanding mothers.

Naturally, I thought about my mum and how she raised my two sisters and I. My mum was strict! But it came from a good place and thankfully we turned out okay😊 So based on my personal experience I’d say there just might be some  truth in this research and to be honest I do thank her for raising us well💕

Then again “better children” against what set of criteria? Successful by whose standards? How “strict” is strict? Let’s remember each child is unique with different (not necessarily better or worse) strengths and weaknesses. My take – BALANCE.  Knowing your child and applying a right balance of “carrot and stick” is key to raising well-rounded productive children!

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One thought on “Strict Mothers Have Better Children (New Research)

  1. Yes, I totally agree however we should be careful to use the word ‘strict ‘ wisely as not wicked, thoughtless, beating your stress out of a child or beating the evil out of them or being unkind it is supposed to be not from a place of anger but rather correction.

    A child should, of course, be disciplined – a child should definitely be shown and adhere to boundaries as research shows that this is what makes them feel safe and secure – simple. I am not saying they should not be ‘punished ‘ in different ways – time out and removing of items they like for example PlayStation or visits to friends etc as this is for them to know the consequences of their actions but it should be measured with love, emotional warmth – hugs, cuddles kisses to build confidence rather than fear and isolation. We should be careful that our children because we are being ‘strict’, are not terrified of us.

    I love the last paragraph of the write-up – my thoughts entirely.

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