What’s Your DQ?


Digital Intelligence (DQ) is the set of 8 must-have digital skills needed to use technology safely, responsibly, and effectively.

A high DQ child is smart, responsible, and future-ready! High DQ is associated with safer digital use, higher academic achievement, and greater global awareness and empathy.

RAVE Et Al is the pioneer DQ Ambassador in Nigeria (first in Africa) to be certified by the DQ (Digital Intelligence Quotient) Institute, Singapore.

We work with parents, schools and government by providing relevant capacity building programs for children/teens and young adults in the area of values, life skills and digital citizenship education. Our programs equip the younger generation to stay safe and thrive in the real world – offline and online.  For further enquiries please send a mail to info@rave-etal.com or call +2348093159966 or visit www.rave-etal.com.


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