When it comes to following trends, our tweens, teens and young adults are most vulnerable. 420 has over the years become a trend and that’s why we thought you should know!

WPSK 420 Final

The liberal use of drugs by a number of our youth’s idols & role models (the rich & famous celebrities) makes the job of raising drug-free children more difficult for parents. The pressure to “belong” and feel grown up and independent is real and this sometimes drives our youths to make poor choices.

Now that you know, we encourage you to open the conversation with your children or students. Follow the tips we’ve shared and if you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

#SayNoToDrugs #420 #ParentInvestment #Trends #ParentsShouldKnow

RAVE Et Al works with parents, schools and government by providing relevant capacity building programs for children/teens and young adults in the area of values, life skills and digital citizenship education. Our programs equip the younger generation to stay safe and thrive in the real world – offline and online.  For further enquiries please send a mail to info@rave-etal.com or call +2348093159966 or visit www.rave-etal.com.

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