Let’s Talk Self-Discipline

Wow! time sure flies!! 5 months into 2018 already. I can bet that at the start of the year many of us made resolutions, wrote our goals or simply wished for the things we hoped to achieve in 2018. Oftentimes we are very sincere about the goals we set but one thing that can thwart its realization is lack of self-discipline. This coupled with “screen addiction” leaves many of us very distracted with a trail of unrealized goals.

Our RAVE core value focus for the month of May is Self Discipline and our Digizen focus is Screen Time Management. Self-discipline isn’t innate – children do not naturally have the ability to discipline themselves, it is a learned behavior. In this hyper-connected world where most things are at microwave speed, it’s important that we inculcate in our children from an early age how they can cultivate this essential life skill. A good starting point would be learning to reduce the amount of time spent in front of a screen.

May 2 XX

helicopter parentingOne of the indications that children are maturing is that they don’t need to be constantly prompted by their parents to do what needs to be done. They start taking care of things (as is age appropriate), for themselves without promptings from their parents. This requires self-discipline. It also requires parents relenting on being “helicopter parents” who constantly hover around to swoop in and bail out.

Stay connected as we share tips on how to manage the amount of time we spend behind a screen and how we can rest easy knowing that our children have imbibed some level of self-discipline such that when they are faced with choices – good or bad, the pick good.

I look forward to an interesting month of sharing and learning and I hope it’s an impactful one for you too.

RAVE Et Al is the pioneer DQ Ambassador in Nigeria (first in Africa) to be certified by the DQ (Digital Intelligence Quotient) Institute, Singapore.

Rave et al logo TRANSPARENT BRASLINKThis blog is powered by RAVE Et Al. We work with parents, schools & government by providing relevant capacity building programs for children/teens and young adults in the area of values, life skills and digital citizenship education. Our programs equip the younger generation to stay safe and thrive in the real world – offline and online.  For further inquiries please send a mail to info@rave-etal.com or call +2348093159966 or visit www.rave-etal.com.



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