My Dad – My ATM

Dear Dad2As we get ready to celebrate another Father’s Day, I find myself thinking about conversations we’ve had and particularly about the fact that you think I only see you as an ATM. To be honest dad, I can see why you would think so since most of our conversations revolve around money. It’s either money for school fees, pocket money or to buy this or that. As I tried to think of how I could change this notion, it hit me that you were right after all. I do see you as my ATM. The only problem dad is that all you seem to be doing is dispensing cash. You’re probably wondering, “What’s this about. What else does an ATM do? I’ll explain. Remember the ATM at Disneyworld that dispensed cupcakes? Well, dad, you may not realize it but you’re kinda like that machine or at least I wish you were.

Cupcake ATM

Dad, there were times I came to you and what I needed was not necessarily cash but counsel. Rather than hear what I was really asking for, you thought “here we go again” and grudgingly dispensed money. Since cash does come in very handy, I figured “take the cash at least it would solve one problem”. As I grow older and the world gets more complex, I realize that just as ATM’s are becoming more functional and just like the Sprinkles cupcake ATM that dispenses different flavors of cupcakes, I need you to dispense much more than money.

There is so much going on in my world and I really could do with your help. I live in a world where drugs, sex, and fast money make you more socially appealing. I live in a world where men have transformed into women and it’s not easy to tell who is male or female. I live in a world where makeup and body enhancements make it difficult to think about what really matters. I live in a world where degrees don’t mean much and jobs are difficult to find. I live in a world where competition is high and virtue is tight. Dad, I live in a world where it looks like money does solve every problem. But does it really? It doesn’t seem to help much in quieting those voices that tell me that I’ll never be enough, I’ll never have enough and it’s better to end it all. It’s at those times I really want to reach out to you. A man full of wisdom and strength. A man who I know may have all the answers to my questions but has no time because he’s so busy trying to make money.

In this confused, high pressured, hyper-connected world that I live in, I need you to be more than just an ATM dispensing more cash and compounding the problem. Dad, I need you to be my All-Time Mentor dispensing counsel and love and giving me of your time.


Errmm dad, just so we don’t get carried away, remember it’s only a malfunctioning ATM that dispenses without receiving any command – just saying. And please read the commands properly so you don’t dispense counsel when what I really need is money.

Love you, dad. Happy Father’s Day!

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