#WWWOPK E7 – Insecurity & Body Shaming


“I feel extremely insecure and do not like it when people make some inappropriate comments about being fat or overweight.”

Children with insecurity issues are more vulnerable to forming unhealthy relationships, being bullied, negative peer pressure and generally making poor choices. A healthy self-esteem is essential in this day and age.


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2 thoughts on “#WWWOPK E7 – Insecurity & Body Shaming

  1. I think that one of the major issues that could possibly be further identified is the impact of social media on the expected body size and look /accepted- the look being portrayed as the norm and what to aspire to especially by the so-called “influencers”
    This pressure is sometimes overwhelming for young people and actually people of all ages.
    Another point which I will mention could possibly be a cultural issue in which older people feel it is funny to call out children on their size in public and private – body shaming.
    They sometimes follow this with a so-called nickname which is insensitive and rude -I think it is not meant to hurt but rather a lack of awareness of the feelings of embarrassment and shame the child feels.
    Going deeper this may encourage the child to eat more burying their feelings as the society does not allow the child to tell the older person off but rather stand there as a laughing stock.
    This happened some years ago to my daughter when she came on holiday to Nigeria – She just crept back into the car and was upset for a while as she was embarrassed at the unthoughtful comment.
    I tried to educate the group of people on awareness of others and they were so upset that they had hurt her emotionally in any way as that was not their intention.
    Coming to think of it I remember several years ago a grand-aunt of mine used to call me ” John Bull” I loved her but how I disliked seeing her cos I knew the embarrassing greeting I would have to grin and bare as she shouted across the room in greeting : (


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