#WWWOPK E10 – Father’s We Need You

African Family Happiness Holiday Vacation Activity Concept

When fathers or father-figures are involved in parenting, research has shown that children tend to have fewer issues emotionally, socially and academically.

Dads…Men, we need you to please get more involved. Spend quality time and have meaningful conversations with your children.

November 19this celebrated as International Men’s Day globally. It is a day set aside to celebrate the positive value men bring to their families, society and the world. I did a short “shout out” to all the male positive role models out there. Keep doing what you do!

Men…We need you!



3 thoughts on “#WWWOPK E10 – Father’s We Need You

    1. Getting him to see the positive impact his involvement would have on the boys is a great start. I’ve come to realise that for some men, it’s not that they really don’t want to get involved, they’re just not sure what value they can add beyond money. Highlighting specific areas you want him to get involved for the benefit of the boys should help.

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      1. Well we have swapped roles in our household. I now work full time and he stays home with the boys. He moans and groans in the morning and doesn’t do much until after lunch but he wants to be able to go out and do activities with the boys but money is a factor but maybe he needs to catch public transport to parks or free events. I wish he would pull his finger out.


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