#WWWOPK E11 – I wish I could Talk To My Parents About Sex🙈

Toy bricks

The good, the bad and the ugly of sex is everywhere! It’s talked about by almost everyone, everywhere except the most important place where the conversation should be had – the home between parents and their children.

Children are becoming sexually aware and active from an increasingly young age.  Being a curious generation, they are asking sex-related questions – what is pornography? When can I start dating? Do you and daddy or mummy have sex? What is sex? When can I start having sex?

Having these conversations can be awkward but the earlier we start talking to our children so that they get a balanced perspective of sex and are able to make responsible choices, the better.

Please start having age-appropriate conversations with your children. Trust me the awkwardness usually fades, and talking to your child about sex can actually become a great bonding opportunity.



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