Dress Code: Slay with Decency

Bride and bridesmaid getting ready for her wedding.

December in Nigeria can be a lot of fun – concerts, events, and weddings. Ahh! Naija weddings are truly something to behold. From the decor to the food, dance steps, and the dressing. Kai! Nigerians truly know how to “slay”. We turn up looking very regal and gorgeous. Ladies are flawlessly made up (at least most of the time) stunning attire and headgear. Even the men aren’t left behind. Totally on fleek with their well-tailored traditional attire, the groomsmen all looking like “Yoruba demons” wearing well crafted bespoke shoes. 

One can’t help but notice though, the stunningly beautiful ladies – slay Queens, Mamas and “Glammas” with half or more of their breasts out for guests to behold. I honestly can’t help but wonder “why do they feel the need to turn up with their breasts popping out for everyone to see? Perturbed by the trend, I set out to find out if it was just me who had missed the memo on the “new dress code” or if other people (male and female) found it somewhat disturbing. While majority of those I spoke with find the trend worrisome, some have said to me “what’s your business? it’s just breast. What’s the big deal?” It is a big deal o!

The other side of provocative dressing, is that it can provoke all manner of unanticipated reactions many of which are not pleasant or beneficial in the long run. 

Call me old school, prude whatever but I have a problem with this growing trend of semi nudity as the new fashion statement. What is more worrisome is that it appears to cut across all ages. There is a reason why certain body parts for both male and female are called private and it is a mark of decency and respect to keep private’s private.

Oh yeah and I’ve heard the argument “decency is relative” blah blah blah. These same “show bodi” advocates tend to react differently when the object of the ogling and drooling is their mother, daughter or sister.

Emboldened by a video someone posted on WhatsApp, I decided to finally get this matter off my chest. The fear of being labelled “old school” or being insulted for not minding our business has made many of us perfect the art of smiling, pretending we are oblivious to what is before us when we are really thinking to oursrlves or whispering to the person beside us “what the hell is this?”  In fact some out of embarrassment say things like “you look amazing” “you” or “your breast”? Truth be told, we should resist being bullied into “minding our business”. Any form of decadence in our society should be our business!!!

For our breast baring sisters and advocates, if you walked into an event and a number of the guys had their trousers pulled down to show not their boxers but half of their male sexual organ, how would you feel? Huh! I thought so!

Dear ladies, stop assaulting people with your body parts either visually or physically and guys – don’t even think about it! “Two wrongs don’t make a right”



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