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Can parents really afford not to talk to their children about sex?

A couple of days ago, a story broke on social media about 2 young guys (in their 20’s) who allegedly drugged a 23-year-old girl, raped and videoed the act. Word on the street is that these Naija boys are quite popular on the social scene. Not celebrities, just regular young guys who went to decent schools and live in decent neighborhoods.

Book cover bannerI was becoming really worried by the trend observed not just in Nigeria but globally. News headlines feature various sex-related crimes against children. It’s really sad. It is my personal belief that having conversations with our children from when they are really young, about various issues including sex, would save them, us and society a lot of pain.

In my bid to do something about the situation and help parents have conversations, I have published this compact and very powerful book. It is a guide to help parents start talking to their children about sex & related matters from as young as age 2!

While the specific target is Nigerian (Naija) parents because of the peculiarities of our culture and society, the book has global appeal and regardless of what nationality you are, you would find useful nuggets in it.

Parents, you cannot afford to bury your heads in the sand. Take a proactive approach to having conversations with your children whether they are 2…12…22.

Safeguard your children…protect your family name…Get your copy!

If you’re in Nigeria, here’s how to order your copy

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For those outside Nigeria, you can get your Kindle version on any of the Amazon stores.

I’d really love to hear what you think so please send in your reviews and don’t forget to spread the word…you would be helping society.


Back Cover - Sex & More

This book is powered by RAVE Et Al.

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