What’s Wrong With Being Shy?


We live in an age where it’s believed that to get noticed one has to be outgoing and that being shy can be a disadvantage. However, that may not necessarily be the case especially when a proper distinction is made between timidity and shyness.

As soon as this episode came out on YouTube, an older friend of mine who is a High Court Judge shared some great insights with me and has graciously given me her permission to reshare.

“This is a very good topic and well dealt with Charity! I was a very shy child who grew up to be rather reserved so I can identify with the topic. So when people say children who talk a lot should be lawyers it’s not usually correct!

Sometimes shyness and being reserved come hand in hand and unfortunately can be mistaken for pride. And you’re right everyone has their own different personality we just have to try and encourage and affirm our children where we can. Shy children may not speak up much in class, not because they don’t know the answers to questions but just because they are shy and don’t want  to be laughed at. They tend to do better in smaller groups and in written work.

Being shy is painful for a child because they want to speak out but just can’t! It gets better as they get older.” Justice O.A.

Parents, you’ve heard it from someone who even though shy and reserved is making great strides in her career as a Lawyer and High Court Judge.

A first step to helping our children be the best version of themselves is understanding and accepting their personalities and helping them fine-tune the rough edges.



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