Nurturing Your Kodi Lee!

America’s Got Talent (AGT) is one of those shows that I find inspiring and heartwarming. The show has a way of getting my wheels churning. AGT 2019 didn’t fail to deliver on learning points for me.

There were so many great acts and people with incredible stories, but one person really stood out for me – Kodi Lee who has just been announced the winner of AGT 2019 Yayyyyyyy!!! Kodi! Kodi!! Kodi!!! You know even if Kodi Lee hadn’t been officially announced the winner, the impression he’s made on me is one I’m unlikely to forget in a long time.


Kodi Lee 1
Kodi Lee with his mum when he won Gabrielle Union’s golden buzzer (image credit NBC)


Kodi Lee a 22-year-old vocalist who also plays the piano is legally blind and was diagnosed with autism at age four. Kodi won the golden buzzer after his first AGT audition and won the hearts of many. One can’t help but be intrigued by how Kodi takes on a totally different persona when he is sitting at the piano and singing. I’m amazed at God and I feel so much respect for his parents particularly his mother who was with him all the time.


As I watch Kodi, I can’t help but imagine what it’s like to parent a child with special needs. I truly honor and celebrate all parents raising children with special needs. Your labour of love and the sacrifices you make would not be unrewarded.

The most inspiring part for me about Kodi’s story is that his parents noticed that he had a special gift at age 2. Rather than focusing on his disability, they decided to hone his ability. In one of the interviews I watched, Kodi’s mum mentioned how her husband and herself fought for Kodi to be sponsored by the school he was attending at the time, for piano and music lessons. Not because the school saw his gifts and talents but because his parents did.

As cliché as this may sound, no one is perfect. Not even our cute children but rather than focus on their flaws and “disabilities”, why not help them be the best versions of themselves by focusing on their abilities.

Congratulations Kodi Lee! Yayyyy!!!!

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