Associations Matter

Forming relationships these days is so easy – literarily a click away. The implication is that it’s become easier for our children to associate with just about anyone, anywhere. This can be good or bad… Rather than leaving it to chance,  take time to talk to your child regardless of their age about how to form meaningful relationships and associations and what to look out for.

A4 - MOAP-Associations

This is an excerpt from a video that really resonated with me. I hope you find it useful too. You can get the full video on YouTube

Video Credit: J Mime Ministry

2Charity Ladi Babatunde, a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources, is the founder of RAVE Et Al and the pioneer DQ Ambassador in Africa.

Through her social enterprise RAVE Et Al (RAVE); her YouTube program “What We Wish Our Parents Knew” (#WWWOPK); her books – A Naija Parents Guide To Having The Talk: Sex & More” & “A Naija Parents Guide To Having The Talk: Drugs & Substance Abuse” and her blog, Charity continues to impact the lives of thousands of children, teens, and emerging adults and provide invaluable tips for parents and “parent figures”, as they parent in this digital age.
Charity who is passionate about seeing Nigeria become more of a society where success is driven by values, is married and has two amazing young adults who have equipped her with the much-needed practical experience for this wonderful journey of parenting.



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