Go Low Low Low

As I read the stories making the rounds in the media about Buga crooner Kizz Daniel’s arrest, I am again reminded of the importance of subscribing to time-tested values. To be honest, what I find absurd is that Kizz allegedly failed to perform because “he wanted his gold chain which was in his luggage that the airline failed to bring.” Except if there is more to the “gold chain,” I’m struggling to wrap my head around this. How is this enough grounds to show utter disrespect for thousands of people who paid to attend his show and the promoters who invested in it?

Anyway, dear child, please remember that managing success is more important than attaining success. Real success is not just about money and fame. Positive influence is a big part of the story, and your attitude determines how you influence.

Kizz won the hearts of many – young and old -with Buga. In fact, some cheeky ones amongst you dubbed it “mummy’s anthem.” A global hit from the get-go! However, following his recent escapade, I reflect on the words, “Let me see you go low low low, Buga won,” and all I can say is, hmmm! Indeed the sure route to going low, low, low is buga!

My dear, stay humble… Attitude always trumps talent!


2 thoughts on “Go Low Low Low

  1. Pastor W.F Kumuyi once said and I quote ”the easiest way to destroy a man is to set that man against himself”. Truly, this apply to the story of ‘BUGA’, he could have enjoined riotous support if after his stage performance, petitioned the airline for their default and file for compensation.
    Truly, it is a lot easier to have fame than managing it.


  2. Wow. What great illustration here . Our attitude and behavior means a lot and this has nothing to do with your money . I pray our children learn from this . I had a conversation with my children about this yesterday and was really pleased with the way they spoke .


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