The RAVE Digizen Workshop

A 2-day interactive and hands on group coaching session on Screen Time Management, Privacy Management, Critical Thinking, Cyberbullying Management and other essential life Skills. Continue reading The RAVE Digizen Workshop


What If It’s Not Pretense?

I read teary-eyed with an ache in my heart the unfortunate account of the death of 9-year-old Kamzie a JSS1 boarding student in a secondary school in Abuja, Nigeria, who allegedly died as a result of “neglect” by the school authorities. It must be heart-wrenching for her family and I pray that God will comfort them the way only He can. There’s a statement in Kamzie’s mother’s account of what happened that for some reason just keeps playing in my head “even the nurse that was on duty once chased her away that she wasn’t sick but was pretending”. As I read … Continue reading What If It’s Not Pretense?

First Responder

One of the tools we use at RAVE to help bridge the communication gap between parents and teens/children is #WWWOPK (What We Wish Our Parents Knew). Responses are gotten anonymously from children on anything (good/bad/ugly) they wish they could tell their parents but haven’t been able to and I must say it has proven very effective in hearing the voice of the children. Something that has come out quite clearly though is that there is a huge communication gap as a number of children are skeptical talking to their parents about various issues ranging from requests they get to send nude pictures (sexting); … Continue reading First Responder


I’ve been “writing” snippets of this article in my head for a while and saying to myself “today is the day I come clean” but then, panic takes over! The reason is not far-fetched. How could I possibly admit… that I… think that I… might be slightly addicted to technology!!!! In fairness to me though, addiction in a digital age isn’t easy to recognize. Perhaps because we have cause to be “plugged in” for various legitimate reasons…work, school, maintaining family ties & friendships especially with those that live in different locations. In case you’re still wondering wether you or your loved one might … Continue reading Addicted?

Relationships Matter

  If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably experienced “the good, the bad and the ugly” of relationships. Relationships are inevitable…some are thrust on us like the families we are born into and some develop based on our interactions and the choices we make. Relationships are a vital part of a child’s social and emotional development. In the course of interacting with family, friends (offline & online), teachers, domestic they too would most definitely encounter various kinds of people with whom they could build either healthy of unhealthy relationships. As tempting as it is for parents to want to shield … Continue reading Relationships Matter

Reading In A Screen Dominated World

Living in a screen dominated world, it can sometimes be a bit of a challenge to get children to read for pleasure or even do their school work. “Children who read for pleasure have increased concentration, memory, confidence, greater self-esteem and general knowledge. Reading builds empathy, improves imagination and language development. These are important and relevant benefits, whether we live in a digital or analogue world.” To be honest, even for us as adults, if we are not intentional about reading, it can be a struggle getting unplugged from screens whether it’s our phones, laptops or television. Yeah! yeah!! … Continue reading Reading In A Screen Dominated World

Back To School Talk

I read this article written by Ronke Onadeko and just had to get her permission to share. The tips are invaluable. Many teens and older children are going back to school. There is need to prepare them for the new school year. Share with your children how much it costs. Do the math with them, include school fees, back to school shopping, uniforms, extra curricular activity, transportation costs, medicals, phone bills, electronics -phones, laptops, iPads etc. Share with them the opportunity cost for you. What else that kind of money can be spent on such as a new car, vacations, … Continue reading Back To School Talk