Sibling Kindness

A few hours of having my children home for the Christmas holidays and the “fun” has already begun! I am blessed with two amazing young adult children (girl and boy) who love and get along with each other quite well. Sometimes they do have rather unconventional ways of showing their love for each other with jabs and teasing that leave me in “pain”. Not sure if it’s just me but have you ever watched your children (no matter what age) bicker or have “friendly” banters with one another? I’m usually tempted to jump in and remind each of them of … Continue reading Sibling Kindness

Connecting with People who are “Different”

About two weeks ago, I came across an interview on YouTube held with the first deaf-blind Harvard Law graduate – Haben Girma. To say I was impressed would be putting it mildly. I was also very curious to know her story and how she accomplished such a feat – I can only imagine the effort and adjustment being deaf or blind would require but to be both  and graduate from Harvard…with a Law degree…wow!!!! After getting over my initial amazement, I listened intently to the interview and there was something Haben said that has kept ringing in my head. The interviewer asked … Continue reading Connecting with People who are “Different”

A Culture of Kindness…Friendship

Last week we started our discourse on inculcating a kindness culture in our children. Kindness is multifaceted – it finds expression in several ways – being generous, caring, understanding, forgiving…but my focus today is on Kindness expressed by being friendly, and how we can help our children develop social skills that result in positive & healthy friendships. How many of us have had our kids say to us “John doesn’t want to play with me again”? Or perhaps your child is the one who says, “Bella is not my friend again.” How do you react to these seemingly childish reports?… … Continue reading A Culture of Kindness…Friendship

KINDNESS… A Culture Worth Preserving

I find it quite interesting how from the month of November, the “Christmas buzz” fills the air…. physical and cyberspace bustling with Christmas sales, décor, gift ideas… Parents, family, friends and organizations shopping around for gifts … It has become a culture that cuts across different ages, races and beliefs. What if we cultivated a culture of kindness – all year round? How about letting kindness be a part of our everyday life and showing our children what it really means and how to be kind? Imagine the difference it would make. One of the beauties of kindness is that it … Continue reading KINDNESS… A Culture Worth Preserving

I’m Thankful For…

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and with the end of the year around the corner, I thought now would be a good time to focus on another TTV -Gratitude – what it really is and why is it important for our children and us, to practice it? Beyond showing good manners or simply being thankful and appreciative, gratitude is a mindset, a lifestyle – it’s an attitude that yields immense benefits. A study conducted by Dr. Robert A. Emmons of the University of California, reveals that cultivating gratitude can increase happiness levels by around 25 percent. It can also cause … Continue reading I’m Thankful For…


I recently read the story of a popular Nigerian female blogger who  just bought a house in a very choice location in Lagos, Nigeria worth about $2.8m. While I was happy for her about her acquisition, what excited me more was her story – she made it very clear that young ladies didn’t need to sleep around to be successful and that hers wasn’t a case of overnight success – it had come through a lot of hard work determination and refusing to quit even in the face of looming failure. Have you ever wondered why a number of youngsters … Continue reading GRIT – NOT A DIRTY WORD!

Cute or Rude?

At a program I hosted for teenagers on “Goals”, I asked if anyone had goals they wanted to share with the class. A boy of about 14 or 15 put up his hands and as nicely as he could muster, said, “Aunty, my goal is to get out of this class as quickly as possible”. Note that this was just the beginning of the program so trust me it wasn’t that we had bored him to frustration. He was probably reacting to the fact that his parents asked him to attend the program when he had “better” things to do! … Continue reading Cute or Rude?

Time Tested Values in a Fast Changing World

These are interesting and exciting times we live in. It seems like there is always something new everyday! If it’s not a new fashion trend, it’s a new artiste or new music, new reality show, new terror group, new concept of family…and the list goes on and on. Sometimes I really wonder what fashion for instance would look like in another 3 years? Just when you think you’ve seen it all something new and almost previously inconceivable is thrust on us. Anyway that’s gist for another day. One change that I’ve had cause to think about a lot lately, is … Continue reading Time Tested Values in a Fast Changing World