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ParentInvestment is an interactive forum where parents share tips and experiences that will equip us with effective parenting skills; prepare us for the next onslaught of questions that are sure to come and help us better navigate this interesting and rewarding journey of parenting. Our greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that we have encouraged parents to make the necessary investments in themselves and their children so as to groom well rounded successful and productive individuals that are useful not just to themselves but to the society.

ParentInvestment is powered by RAVE et-al Limited, a social enterprise that partners with parents, schools, government and other stakeholders, to equip the younger generation for the future, using education and other creative & vibrant tools to reinforce values, attitudes and life skills that are imperative for successfully & safely navigating the various phases of life online, offline and impacting the society positively.

A forward thinking organization, RAVE Et Al is authorized as the pioneer organization in Nigeria (the first in Africa) to be certified as a DQ Ambassador by the DQ (Digital Intelligence Quotient) Institute, Singapore, an institution which aims to empower every 8-12-year-old child around the world with DQ digital citizenship skills by using a simple ‘plug & play’ method.

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One thought on “The Gist

  1. Very useful reminder that storms test all manner of houses in its path; those reinforced with stone and those with straw. The storms of life is/are no respecter of persons. Whether well nurtured or well educated kids; Storms come to all. We respond to the storm by showing what we are made of and tremain standing after the hurricane has blown over.
    It matters not the genre of the test that comes to kids, I agree with the blogger that we have to resist our Florence Nightingsle offer of cotton wool and let them experience failure and rejection. We strengthen them in prayers as they go through the storm. They will emerge battered or splattered but stronger and still standing.
    It’s the toughest arm of parenting, I believe, but its the only justification I have for God my Father sometimes going quiet on me. Especially when I really need Him to blast off my aggressors into deep oblivion . . . Alas! I arise from night vigil and they are still there; so I roll up my sleeves too and say ” . . having done all, I stand”

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