If there is one nagging concern I have, it’s that we appear to be losing more of our humanity on a daily basis. When a tragic story breaks in the media, there is a buzz, everyone airing their comments and you expect that someone somewhere would do something to forestall future occurrences…then a similar tragedy is reported and it doesn’t get as much of a reaction like the first one…a couple more incidences and the matter becomes “another news story” that is until it hits close to home. You’re probably wondering what I’m ranting about this time – It’s this … Continue reading Likes…Follows…Emotions

At The End of The Day, What Really Matters?

Every once in a while, it’s important to just slow down from all the hustle and bustle and think about what is really important. This struck a chord. I’d like to share excerpts from a story someone sent to me purportedly shared by a very successful gentleman who had risen to the zenith of the corporate ladder… He said when he was still a manager, he was very active and rarely at home. He was making good money and providing for all his children’s need. One morning, as he was rushing off as usual, his little son was walking out of … Continue reading At The End of The Day, What Really Matters?