#WWWOPK E4 – Parents…Children…Career Choices

It would appear that parents are getting more liberal about allowing their children follow their passion and choose careers that make them happy as against more traditional career paths. However, judging by the number of times the issue of children being scared to broach the issue of the career they’d really like to pursue comes up, it’s clear that this is still a sore point. We get so many variations of this issue when we conduct our anonymous WWWOPK (What We Wish Our Parents Knew) survey – I want to be a model – not a lawyer; I want to … Continue reading #WWWOPK E4 – Parents…Children…Career Choices


Our January 2018 ParentInvestment Roundtable themed “Mind The Gap: Bridging the communication gap between parents & children“, was very engaging and impactful. The candor and willingness of the participants to share their experiences made the discussions very rewarding with a lot of lessons learned. The general consensus was that the onus is on parents to ensure that the lines of communication with their children (irrespective of the child’s age) remain open. As I ruminate over the Roundtable discussions I remember a conversation I had with a young man in his early 20’s some months ago, which got me thinking. Why … Continue reading Expectations

Mind The Gap

Son: Dad, I’ve decided I want to drop out of Uni and pursue my music career Dad: Music career? What music career? Son: You know like Davido or Wizkid. I want to sing and make money dad. Dad: I see. You must be very unserious, after all the money I’ve spent on your education? Music?  Are you thinking at all? Funkeeeeeeee, come and hear the rubbish your son is saying… Mum: Where are you coming from? Daughter: Out Mum: What do you mean “out”? Daughter: Out, like out mum (sounding irritated) Mum: With who? Daughter: My friends… Mum: Who are they? … Continue reading Mind The Gap

Fresh Starts

There’s something so fresh about new things. Whether it’s a new…dress…car…job… or a new year. I’m excitedly looking forward to the opportunities 2018 would present and bracing myself up to seize them all – I trust you are too? My apologies for “disappearing” for a while. In December, we got really busy with our RAVE Digizen Workshop which was super impactful. Judging by the unanimous disappointment that the 2-days were over so fast, the attendees clearly had plenty of fun learning about digital citizenship. I also learnt a lot from interacting with the children & teens. Imagine them trying to educate me on … Continue reading Fresh Starts

What If It’s Not Pretense?

I read teary-eyed with an ache in my heart the unfortunate account of the death of 9-year-old Kamzie a JSS1 boarding student in a secondary school in Abuja, Nigeria, who allegedly died as a result of “neglect” by the school authorities. It must be heart-wrenching for her family and I pray that God will comfort them the way only He can. There’s a statement in Kamzie’s mother’s account of what happened that for some reason just keeps playing in my head “even the nurse that was on duty once chased her away that she wasn’t sick but was pretending”. As I read … Continue reading What If It’s Not Pretense?

First Responder

One of the tools we use at RAVE to help bridge the communication gap between parents and teens/children is #WWWOPK (What We Wish Our Parents Knew). Responses are gotten anonymously from children on anything (good/bad/ugly) they wish they could tell their parents but haven’t been able to and I must say it has proven very effective in hearing the voice of the children. Something that has come out quite clearly though is that there is a huge communication gap as a number of children are skeptical talking to their parents about various issues ranging from requests they get to send nude pictures (sexting); … Continue reading First Responder

#WWWOPK – What Did I Do?!

#WWWOPK (What We Wish Our Parents Knew) is a platform for children to express themselves, share some of the things they wish they could tell their parents but for some reason choose not to do so directly or just let us into a glimpse of their world.  Let’s listen, we just might learn a thing or two. Enjoy! Nowadays, when most kids get to the age of 10 and above, our parents (some, not ALL), seem to think that we have gone on a rebellious streak. For example, I was talking to a friend one day then she told me a … Continue reading #WWWOPK – What Did I Do?!