Mothers Raising Daughters – Balance Is Key

A lot of discussions have been going on in recent times over gender-related issues – feminism, sexism, misogyny & misandry. The society and the media are “selling” a lot of narratives to our daughters overtly and subliminally either through TV … Continue reading Mothers Raising Daughters – Balance Is Key

Fostering The Father-Daughter Relationship

The quality of a father-daughter relationship plays a vital role in her journey to adulthood and influences her outlook to life generally. How a father treats his daughter usually has an effect on her relationship with other men throughout her teenage and adult life. A daughter looks to her father for affection, respect, and affirmation. Where she gets this in healthy doses from an early age, she will usually expect the same type of treatment from other males in her life and it highly unlikely that she would tolerate men who treat her disrespectfully or abusively. If, on the other hand, she … Continue reading Fostering The Father-Daughter Relationship