“I Want To…”

Happy New Year! I love new beginnings – whether it’s a new year, a birthday or just a new day. New beginnings present us with opportunities to set fresh goals and achieve greater heights. I’d like to kick off 2016 by sharing a few tips as we work with our children in setting goals. (Of course I’m assuming you have set your own goals. If you haven’t please don’t put it off any further). The benefits our children stand to gain from cultivating the habit of setting goals are priceless. In addition to fostering a can-do spirit and the boost … Continue reading “I Want To…”


I recently read the story of a popular Nigerian female blogger who  just bought a house in a very choice location in Lagos, Nigeria worth about $2.8m. While I was happy for her about her acquisition, what excited me more was her story – she made it very clear that young ladies didn’t need to sleep around to be successful and that hers wasn’t a case of overnight success – it had come through a lot of hard work determination and refusing to quit even in the face of looming failure. Have you ever wondered why a number of youngsters … Continue reading GRIT – NOT A DIRTY WORD!