Mind The Gap

Son: Dad, I’ve decided I want to drop out of Uni and pursue my music career Dad: Music career? What music career? Son: You know like Davido or Wizkid. I want to sing and make money dad. Dad: I see. You must be very unserious, after all the money I’ve spent on your education? Music?  Are you thinking at all? Funkeeeeeeee, come and hear the rubbish your son is saying… Mum: Where are you coming from? Daughter: Out Mum: What do you mean “out”? Daughter: Out, like out mum (sounding irritated) Mum: With who? Daughter: My friends… Mum: Who are they? … Continue reading Mind The Gap

Fresh Starts

There’s something so fresh about new things. Whether it’s a new…dress…car…job… or a new year. I’m excitedly looking forward to the opportunities 2018 would present and bracing myself up to seize them all – I trust you are too? My apologies for “disappearing” for a while. In December, we got really busy with our RAVE Digizen Workshop which was super impactful. Judging by the unanimous disappointment that the 2-days were over so fast, the attendees clearly had plenty of fun learning about digital citizenship. I also learnt a lot from interacting with the children & teens. Imagine them trying to educate me on … Continue reading Fresh Starts