Caitlyn Jenner and the world we live in today

I tried to hold myself back for a while about this whole Caitlyn Jenner saga and the legalizing of same sex marriages in America. But honestly I realize that “if you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything”. Let me start with the anger that sprung up in me reading that Caitlyn Jenner had been listed number 7 of the top most influential women in the world by BBC. If I may ask what exactly has been her (his) influence? Encouraging a sex change at the age of 66? How is this something that has been deemed … Continue reading Caitlyn Jenner and the world we live in today

Information Upgrade Required

These are very interesting times to be a parent! The world is changing so fast!! Access to information is at the click of a button…. the distinction between what is acceptable behavior, what is right or wrong is becoming more blurry…. our children at whatever age are increasingly getting exposed to any and every topic Same sex marriage…premarital sex… alcohol… drugs… faith & religious beliefs… and they have questions. Questions that can be thought provoking and sometimes leave you in shock and speechless. Our children are smart, studying and discussing issues in primary 1 that I honestly don’t recall coming … Continue reading Information Upgrade Required