#WWWOPK E11 – I wish I could Talk To My Parents About Sex🙈

The good, the bad and the ugly of sex is everywhere! It’s talked about by almost everyone, everywhere except the most important place where the conversation should be had – the home between parents and their children. Children are becoming sexually aware and active from an increasingly young age.  Being a curious generation, they are asking sex-related questions – what is pornography? When can I start dating? Do you and daddy or mummy have sex? What is sex? When can I start having sex? Having these conversations can be awkward but the earlier we start talking to our children so … Continue reading #WWWOPK E11 – I wish I could Talk To My Parents About Sex🙈

Having “The Talk”

Imagine you’re in the middle of doing something very important and out of nowhere your 7 year old asks, “Mum, what is sex”? What would your reaction or response be? I came across this hilarious and instructive video on YouTube – Enjoy! Many parents dread having “the talk”. Talking to our children about sex can be uncomfortable and embarrassing for both parties and even where parents summon up the courage to, they are totally clueless as to what to say. In an age that is very sexually permissive and prevalent – billboards, TV, fashion, Internet, our children aren’t walking around … Continue reading Having “The Talk”