“Difference” – Not Grounds For Disrespect

The video clip of the Nigerian Inspector General of Police (IGP) Idris struggling to read a speech in Kano went viral a few weeks ago and caused quite a rumpus. There were allegations that the video was “doctored” to make the IGP look bad but some swear that what went viral was what really happened. In this era of fake news and with technology making it possible to manipulate images it’s getting harder to know what to believe. But my focus today is not on fake news – that is a topic for another day. I was ruminating over the … Continue reading “Difference” – Not Grounds For Disrespect

Cute or Rude?

At a program I hosted for teenagers on “Goals”, I asked if anyone had goals they wanted to share with the class. A boy of about 14 or 15 put up his hands and as nicely as he could muster, said, “Aunty, my goal is to get out of this class as quickly as possible”. Note that this was just the beginning of the program so trust me it wasn’t that we had bored him to frustration. He was probably reacting to the fact that his parents asked him to attend the program when he had “better” things to do! … Continue reading Cute or Rude?