Think Naija

THINK NAIJA 2I am proudly Nigerian!

Yes we have our issues but who doesn’t? Our style may be different but that’s what makes us unique. Having realized that it takes one being a Nigerian or a Nigerian at heart to understand and identify with some of our quirks (issues, gists, jokes & more), I’ve decided to include a new page – “Think Naija” on my blog to discuss and share Naija matters.

My prayer is that this column spurs us to think and do what is needful in building a legacy and a Nigeria that our youths and posterity will be proud of and thank us for. I’m not asking us to go and attempt saving the whole nation, all I’m asking is that as we parent, we think about the implications of our actions or inactions on our children and future generations and choose to do that which will make this  great nation a better place for our progenitors.

Let’s “Think Naija”.