The Awesomeness of Teens: 10 Tips for Parents

This post is on point and it would have been terribly selfish of me not to share. Enjoy!

Beyond the Precipice

As a parent of teens and previous teens, the most useful idea I can pass on is view life through their eyes!

Of course, that should be standard when dealing with a child of any age, or any person, but with teens, it’s crucial.

I’ve always looked forward to my kids reaching the teen years because teens are fun, independent, awesome, and have insightful conversations. Perhaps it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, but my teens are thoughtful, respectful, and wise young people. They have their struggles, moods, and they make mistakes, but don’t we all? My son says, “Mom, your rules make sense.” I don’t restrict randomly or play the power game. I guide. I let them be a part of the decisions. I respect their time and opinions. I listen to suggestions. I instill good values and respect for others. I tell them my own faults.

Tips for parents of…

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