What We Wish Our Parents Knew

As some of you may already know, RAVE (the organization that powers this blog) has over the past few years been conducting anonymous surveys among teenagers & emerging adults (ages 13 to about 22) on various issues they wish they could discuss with their parents but for one reason or the other, have not been able to do so. While a lot of the responses have been quite eye-opening, about 86% of the respondents said they didn’t bother discussing the issues with their parents because their mum or dad either felt awkward about having certain conversations, was overdramatic, overly spiritual or clueless.


Now being a parent myself, I totally understand that sometimes trying to recover from the shock of the questions our children ask so casually or the information we have just discovered about them can be quite disconcerting and to be honest, having some conversations with our children can really be awkward. But these conversations must be had.

From September 2018, we would be discussing on our YouTube channel, some of these issues and sharing tips on how we can have more value-adding conversations with our children and how we can reinforce values as we parent in this digital age. Remember, the goal of parenting has not changed but the method must change. Trust me you don’t want to miss any of the episodes so do subscribe to our channel by clicking on this link RAVE Et Al and let the conversations begin!


This blog is powered by RAVE Et Al (RAVE) a social enterprise that is championing the building of a society where success is driven by values.

As the pioneer DQ Ambassador in Nigeria (first in Africa) and a member of the DQ Coalition, RAVE Et Al is also championing the #DQEveryChild initiative in Nigeria. Our mission is to enhance our children’s Digital Intelligence Quotient (DQ) and set a global standard of digital citizenship for all children around the world.


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