Mind The Gap

Son: Dad, I’ve decided I want to drop out of Uni and pursue my music career
Dad: Music career? What music career?
Son: You know like Davido or Wizkid. I want to sing and make money dad.
Dad: I see. You must be very unserious, after all the money I’ve spent on your education? Music?  Are you thinking at all? Funkeeeeeeee, come and hear the rubbish your son is saying…

Mum: Where are you coming from?
Daughter: Out
Mum: What do you mean “out”?
Daughter: Out, like out mum (sounding irritated)
Mum: With who?
Daughter: My friends…
Mum: Who are they?
Daughter: You don’t know them
Mum: what do you mean, Don’t they have names?
Daughter: Even if I told you their names, you don’t know who they are
Mum: what nonsense, when I was your age, I couldn’t go out or talk to my mother like that…
Daughter: Silence
Mum: Is it not you I am talking to
Daughter : still silent

Banke: I’m worried, my 8year old is acting funny
Chioma: What do you mean “acting funny”?
Banke: I can’t seem to place it but he’s just not talking these days. He’s gone quiet.
Chioma: Have you asked him what’s wrong or told his dad?
Banke: Dad kwa, that’s even worse…my hubby doesn’t have time
Chioma: What do you think it could be?
Banke: I don’t know if he’s being bullied or molested but he’s become so withdrawn I’m actually scared, how can a very vibrant and active boy become so quiet all of a sudden? I just can’t seem to get him to talk…

Any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Parents, let’s talk about how we can bridge the communication gap with our children. Be a part of the ParentInvestment Roundtable tomorrow 13th January 2018 at 9.30 am (details in flyer) 

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Let’s share collective wisdom…Indeed it takes a village to raise a child!


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